What is AVR?
AVR is part of AC generator excitation system, connect host stator winding  and excitation winding , to provide precision output voltage of the closed-loop control, according to sampling the voltage control output the current excitation system, motor load bunch of degrees, power factor compensation will output voltage In a certain range of control. High precision, which can adjust the waveform distortion is small, protection function perfect etc. It can be widely used in all kinds of function and grade of 50/60 HZ AC brushless and Brush generators.

What is Portal Generator AVR?
The AVR is use on portal generator voltage regulator system.
Portal Generator AVR Model:

1.Square 1-3KW AVR Plastic Can
2.Half Round 1-3KW AVR Aluminum Can
3.Half Round 1-3KW AVR Plastic Can
4.Half Round 5KW-7KW AVR Aluminum Can
5.Half Round 5KW-7KW AVR Plastic Can
6.Half Round 5-7KW 3 Phase AVR
7.Diesel Generator 186F AVR 1 Phase
8.Diesel Generator 186F AVR 3 Phase
9.188F Generator and Welder Double use AVR
10.Other Special Portal Generator AVR

What is Alternator (Generator Set)AVR?
The AVR is use one air cool diesel generator set automatic voltage regulator system.
Alternator AVR Model:
1.STAMFORD Series: SX460 SX440 AS440 AS480 MX321 MX341 MX450
2.LEROY SOMER Series: R448 R449 R230 R250 R438
3.MARATHON Series: SE350 DVR2000
4.BASLER Series: VR6  AVC63-7  AEC42-7  AVC63-4A  AVC63-2.5  AVC110-6
5.MARELLI Series: M40FA640A  M16FA655A
7.UNIVERSAL Series: 8A 12A 15A
8.Other Series

How to replacement Generator AVR?
According to the model with power generator with excitation, selecting the appropriate AVR

What is Generator Excitation?
The excitation system of synchronous generator was the main component, it is the supply of synchronous generator excitation power supply system. Excitation system generally consists of two parts: a local to the field windings of a generator to supply the DC current, in order to establish a DC magnetic field, called the excitation power output ( or local excitation power units) another local used during normal operation or breakdown adjusting excitation current, in order to satisfy the needs of safe operation, called local ( or excitation control excitation control unit or excitation regulator ). In the power system, synchronous generator excitation control system is having main effect, it is not only to control the terminal voltage of the generator, and also control the generator reactive power, power factor and current parameters.

How to correctly use the Alternator AVR:
Generator regulator rotates, the generator voltage regulator, battery and other components of the charging system works, is to rely on current meter. Or charging indicator to judge. When the charge is not charging, the charging current is too large or small, the charging current so the stability failure, should be timely check and eliminate, absolutely can not continue to run, so as not to cause more loss. The alternator and regulator in use should pay attention to the following matters:
1)must pay attention to the generator ground polarities, never allow reverse. If the generator and the battery polarity reversed, will cause the power diode turn-on and a large current through the destroyed. Therefore, when replacing the battery, requires the correct polarity.
2) prohibited the use of a screwdriver or wire generator” armature” terminal and casing short, to see whether the spark to check whether the power generator, especially in high speed situation should pay more attention to. Because, this short circuit caused by instantaneous large current or induction generated by the high voltage is easy to make diode breakdown or damage.
3) generator regulator rotates at high speed, should not abruptly turns off the power switch, so as to avoid the instantaneous voltage too high, resulting in rectifier and regulator in the semiconductor component damage.
4) when it is discovered that the generator does not power or the charging current is very small, should be timely find fault position, not long continue to run, because the generator power generation or the charging current is very small, probably due to diode damage caused by. If there is a diode breakdown and short circuit conditions continue to operate former governor plate will cause the other diode or stator winding is destroyed.
5) generator voltage regulator with output voltage is very stable, but in the maintenance and use of must and car battery in parallel. In the generator output current situation, if all of a sudden disconnect the battery, it will produce a very high peak voltage, although time is short, also can cause the car to other electronic components damage. So in the examination and the use should be paid special attention to, in any case, when the generator is working not disconnect the battery.
(1)Check each part of generator insulation performance, if you use the 220V alternating current or megohmmeter, be the generator apart, and each connection diode lead diverge. Prohibit the use of220V alternating current or voltage megohmmeter role in diode.
(2)The shutdown, turn off the ignition switch, otherwise the battery current long-term flows through the field winding and the regulator of the magnetic coil, so that the long-term battery discharge, and the winding coil and the transistor burnout.
(3)The use of contact type voltage regulator should pay attention to: not using the generator” magnetic field” and” the” short way to check whether the power generator. The generator voltage regulator immediately elevated, the magnetizing coil magnetization force is increased, so that the second pairs of contacts K2closed, when the short circuit moment,” magnetic field” terminal voltage is” the armature voltage generator”, which leads to the output of the generator through the second contact was short, thus allowing the generator to adjust the” field” terminal connection conductors and regulator internal through second connecting line of the contacts to be burned, and second levels of contact due to more than their own burden current from being burned out, so that the regulator lost their ability to work. In order to prevent the regulator contact burn, generally from the generator to the regulator magnetic field wiring column and a2.5 ~ 3A fuse.