What is 5-7KW AVR?

5-7KW Generator AVR
is part of AC generator excitation system, connect host stator winding  and excitation winding , to provide precision output voltage of the closed-loop control, according to sampling the voltage control output the current excitation system, motor load bunch of degrees, power factor compensation will output voltage In a certain range of control. High precision, which can adjust the waveform distortion is small, protection function perfect and so on . It can be widely used in all kinds of function and grade of 50/60  HZ AC brushless and  Brush generators.

5-7KW Generator AVR Application

Generator Trademark Generator Type
HONDA EP3800 EP5000 EC6500
ELEMAX SH4000 SH5000 SH6000 SH7000
KAWASAKI GE4300A GE500AS PP4000 PP6000

5-7KW  Generator AVR Technical Data:
Operating Condition: 
1. Operating Temperature Range: (-20~80)
2. Storage Temperature Range: (-40~100)
3. Factory set:25℃±5℃
Electric Index: 
1. Voltage: 230±2V
2.VoltageSteadyRange: ±1V
3. Starting Excitation Voltage: ≥1.5V
4. Loading Capacity: With 110% loading, the regulator can work normally.
5. Output Voltage Steady on hot and cool condition ≤2V
6. Temperature float on Output Voltage≤2V
Protection Function: 
1. Short Circuit Protection on generator rotor excitation.
2. Short Circuit Protection on loading output.
3.Short Circuit Protection between primary and secondary winding
4.Protection after break down on sampling winding
Anti-interference Ability
Specification for Regulator and fitted generator
1. When Generator Output Voltage is 230V, the Sampling Voltage is 18V
2. During the time from without loading and with loading, the secondary winding voltage is less than 150V
3. During the time from without loading and with loading, the excitation current is less than 2.5A Model Testing:
1. Temperature Capacity: Put regulator into 80 Oven and then connected outside with Generator by wire and with full loading,after 48 hours continuous operating, the regulator works well.
2. Durability Test: With full loading and continuously operating 250 hours, the regulator can work well.
3. Short Circuit Testing: After the output short circuit, the regulator is not damaged. Testing Method: short for 2 seconds and out for 8 seconds with 200 cycles
4. Shoke Testing
5. Over loading Capacity
6.Output Value of Drift Testing

5-7KW Generator AVR Installation Diagram:

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