What is Gasket KIT ?

Gasket Kit  is used for machinery, equipment, pipe as long as there is a place that is in fluid sealing parts, the use of internal and external, playing the role of sealing material. Sealing gasket with metal or non metal plate material, after the cutting, stamping or cutting process, used in the pipeline sealing connection between the parts and machine parts, machine equipment sealing connection between. According to materials can be divided into metal sealing gasket and a metal gasket. Metal copper gasket , stainless steel gasket, iron gasket, aluminum gasket. Non metallic  asbestos gasket, non-asbestos gasket, paper gasket, rubber gasket.
Sealing gasket classification:
High pressure asbestos rubber sheet gasket
Asbestos rubber gasket asbestos fiber, rubber as the main raw material with rubber additives and fillers, after mixing, molding, vulcanization hot roller made of the processes. Asbestos rubber gasket according to its formula, process properties and uses of different, can be divided into common asbestos rubber gasket and oil resistance asbestos rubber gasket. According to the use of the temperature and pressure can be divided into low pressure asbestos rubber gasket, medium pressure and high pressure asbestos rubber gasket asbestos rubber gasket. Suitable for water, steam, oil, acid, alkali, solvent medium sealing, asbestos gasket is mainly used in low pressure flange connecting sealing.
Oil resisting asbestos rubber gasket
Characteristics: the oil resistance asbestos rubber gasket made of asbestos fiber, oil resistant fiber, filler, colorants and other refined, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry pipeline and equipment, according to the working conditions, choose the corresponding grade model.
Scope of application : oil resistance asbestos gasket: mainly used for steam, water, gas, oil solvent and non corrosive medium seal.
Cylinder head gasket
Performance characteristic: cylinder head gasket made of asbestos fiber, oil resistant fiber, filler, colorants and other refined, widely used in motor vehicles. Motorcycle engine cylinder head, according to the working conditions, choose the corresponding grade model.
Aromatic nylon gasket
Performance characteristic: aromatic nylon pad steam, organic solvent, acid, alkali, widely used for fluid conveying apparatus used on pumps, valves, piping, vessels and other sealing.
Composition and features: with high strength, wear volume of aromatic vinylon fiber as main material and good lubrication of special material made of composite sealing products. This seal product has excellent lubricity, wear resistance. In solid-liquid mixed liquid device, can display its prominent characteristics.
Non asbestos sheet gasket
Non asbestos gasket ( no asbestos gasket ) is to aryl acrylic organic fiber and plant fiber and nitrile rubber, inorganic minerals at high temperatures and rolling into the sealing material, because of containing asbestos fibers are rarely applicable for asbestos gasket, non-asbestos gasket replacement. Non asbestos gasket ( no asbestos gasket ) has both high strength, but also has good elasticity, simultaneously has the strong anti permeability is under the high temperature and high pressure to replace asbestos gasket and good environmental protection material.
Asbestos Gasket
Stone cotton cloth and other auxiliary materials molding, used in corrosive high temperature and high pressure seal. For reactor, reaction tanks, Manholes, hand hole parts such as. Operating temperature: – 100C and + 1000degrees; the use of pressure: PN <5.0Mp.
Rubber Gasket
A vinylidene fluoride and fluoride, fluoride, Propylene Copolymerization of gelatinous elastomer material, widely used in military industry and civilian industry, its characteristics are: high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, resistance to natural aging, high vacuum, fuel oil resistance, resistance to oil, resistant to strong oxidizing agents, chemical resistance and electrical insulation performance.
PTFE rubber lining gasket
PTFE lining rubber gasket is tetrafluoroethylene clamping bag composite rubber gasket. Has strong corrosion resistance and high sealing elasticity, suitable for enamel, glass pipes, low pressure chemical equipment Anti-corrosion sealing.

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