152F Generator Piston Ring

152F Piston Ring
Piston ring of engine piston is one of main parts in engine piston, piston pin, and it is composed of parts such as piston group, and the cylinder cover composed of combustion chamber of gas force, under and through the piston pin and connecting the power is transferred to the crankshaft, in order to complete the internal combustion engine working process. Because the piston in a high speed, high pressure and high temperature working environment, but also takes into account the engine running smooth and durable, thus requiring the piston must also have sufficient strength and rigidity, good heat conductivity, high heat resistance, low expansion coefficient ( size and shape changes are small, relatively low density ( weight ) light ), wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and low cost. Due to the requirements of multi and high, some conflicting demands, it is difficult to find a can fully meet the requirements of piston material. Modern engine piston is generally made of aluminium alloy, because the aluminum alloy material has small density, good thermal conductivity of outstanding advantages, but also has a coefficient of expansion is relatively large, high temperature strength compared to the shortcomings of the poor, these shortcomings can only be achieved through reasonable structural design to meet the use requirements. Therefore, the quality of automobile engine, not only to see the use of the materials, but also depends on the rationality of the design. The piston is generally cylindrical body, according to the different engine working conditions and requirements, the piston itself construction a variety, will generally be piston this little thing is divided into head, skirt and the piston pin seat three parts. The head is the top of the piston and ring slot. Piston top depends entirely on the combustion chamber, the top using a flattened or nearly flat-top design piston can reduce the contact area with the high temperature gas, uniform stress distribution. The majority of gasoline engine using flat-top piston engine ( for example, some direct injection diesel engine and a new cylinder injection gasoline engine ) for mixed gas formation needs, improve combustion efficiency, the deflagration are minimized, need to the top of the piston has a complex shape, with a certain depth of the pit as part of the combustion chamber. Piston groove called ring groove, for the installation of piston ring. Piston ring is sealed to prevent leakage effect, and prevent oil from entering the combustion chamber. Piston skirt refers to the lower part of the piston, its role is to try to keep the piston in a reciprocating motion in the vertical posture, is also the piston guide part. Piston skirt shape is very exquisite, especially as a kind of light passenger car, the designer from the engine structure and performance, often in the piston skirt on the brains, so as to make the engine structure is compact and smooth running. Piston pin piston via a piston pin and connecting rod bearing part of piston skirt, located above the. High speed engine piston pin seat lies in the pin holes are not necessarily associated with the piston at the same center line plane, can be displaced to a side a little bit, i.e. to the power stroke of piston cylinder side contact offset, such that when the piston to the stop point transformation direction after the percussion piston cylinder degree can be reduced, thereby reducing the noise of the engine.
It use on  LIFAN 152F 154F Generator and MITSUBISHI MGA1200,MGA1801 Generator

152F Piston Ring Detail:

Place Of Origin Taizhou,China
Brand Name YAMADA
Model Number YA-PSR-152F
Type 152F
Phase 1
Generator Power 1.1-1.5KW
Piston Material Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron  Alloy Cast Iron
Package 100pcs per carton
Individual box Packing Yes, We could print customer’s logo
Produce Ability 50000pieces per day
Certification CE,ROHS
Minimum Order Quantity 100PCS,We accept retail service
Delivery Time 5-25days
Payment Term Wire Transfer(TT),Western Union, Paypal, LC at sight
Samples free
Samples Ship Cost Customer pay, If you have courier No.(UPS,DHL,TNT),Please send it to us.
Loading Port Ningbo ,Shanghai, Guangzhou
Harmonized System Code(HS) 8503009090
OEM Manufacture Service Yes

152F Piston Ring Application:

Generator Trademark Generator Type
LIFAN 152F 154F

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