Carburetor Oil Leakage Causes And Eliminating Methods

Carburetor oil feeding system is a dynamic balance system. The float in the float chamber of gasoline buoyancy effect, drive the needle valve needle and valve seat continuously adjust the clearance between the control oil inlet amount, so the motorcycle or generator under various working conditions of oil surface float chamber maintained dynamic stability. Carburetor oil leakage, is the balance system is damaged by. Carburetor oil not only increase fuel consumption, impact on vehicle performance, it is more important for the safety of the vehicle causes greater harm. Need time to be eliminated.

Carburetor oil leakage causes and eliminating methods:

1.Needle valve and valve seat contact surface attachment of a foreign body.
Reason: the needle valve and the valve seat is control the oil feeding amount, the sealing of the stringent requirements, contact surface smoothness high. Such as the contact surface attachment of a foreign body, will cause the needle valve and valve seat sealing, leakage. Foreign body mainly refers to the impurities in gasoline and condensation of glioma. In order to avoid this kind of failure, the user should pay attention to regular cleaning gasoline filter and use good quality gasoline.
Elimination: according to the carburetor cleaning method.

2. Needle valve wear
1)the needle valve in use process due to impurities in gasoline erosion and in contact with the valve seat wear .
2)The float buoy ends of balance, to drive the needle valve side stress and wear. Needle valve seat wear cause and untight sealing and leakage.
1)replacing the needle valve, and users should pay attention to regularly clean the fuel filter and the use of good quality gasoline.
2)Replacing the needle, while adjusting the float buoy ends are positioned on the same horizontal plane.

3.Float hairpin
1)float by gasoline long-term immersion swelling deformation and the float chamber wall contact
2)Float pin and the body float pin hole by long-term friction gap expanding, cause the float float chamber wall contact. Float needle valve cannot be issuing to return, leading to leakage.
1) such as replacement of float float deformation.
2)As the float pin diameter wear small replace float pin, such as body float pin bore wear large, can only replace carburetor assembly.
4. Float breakage or immersion in gasoline
Reason: float breakage or immersion gasoline all can make the weight of the float and buoyancy changes, causing the oil to surface rise, caused by oil spill.
Elimination: replacement of float


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