Generating Set AVR Reasons Of Frequent Damage

Generating Set AVR Reasons Of Frequent Damage
Generator excitation, as long as the AVR control, recurrent damage Generator AVR, can be from several aspects are examined:
1.Overload. Often the full load, or even overload long time running machine, coil, components easy fever burned.
2. Large starting current. Air conditioning, submersible pump, motor and other responsible, all belong to the inductive load, large starting current, even more than the normal running current of 3-7times.
3. Generator power part, diesel engine, gasoline engine operating instability. Speed is not stable, AVR will regulate the output voltage, long time overload control, AVR ahead of aging effects on life.
4. Temperature is too high, bad heat. Hot summer weather, the environment temperature is relatively high, and often followed by air-conditioning, fan load, more easy to cause AVR damage.
5. Excitation coil fault.


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