Generator AVR damage cause and damage after emergency electricity measure

Generator AVR  analysis on the cause of damage:
Generator AVR  circuit consists of a rectifying circuit, a voltage detection circuit, the comparison control circuit is composed of three parts; exclude the original electrical component itself quality causes the possibility of damage, in the block generator AVR circuit, main circuit and control circuit working frequency of maximum change; wherein the main loop of the bridge rectifier and a comparison circuit of transistor change the frequency, the damage percentage of en block generator AVR  damage rate of more than 90%; in view of imported generator belonging to the generator AVR  non disassembly and repair damaged parts, will be replaced, so, we analysed the cause of generator AVR damage causes, as far as possible to avoid the generator AVR damage is the most important, as long as the use of appropriate generator AVR, can improve the service life of.

(1) the generator voltage is more stable, the generator AVR change in frequency is small; the comparison circuit of transistor switching action is smaller, generator AVR damage probability is small;

(2) the output load is relatively smooth, generator AVR change in frequency is small, the comparison circuit of transistor switching action is smaller, generator AVR damage probability is small;

(3) diesel engine rotational speed is stable, the current variation on the oscillation of the generator AVR smaller impact;

(4) recurrent” car” and the load, the three-phase load is too large is the main reason causing  generator AVR damage;

(5) with E, F, C selection of fuel oil system of generating units, because of the frequency variation is small, the use of  generator AVR would be more reliable.

In two, AVR damage after emergency electricity measure:

Although AVR is not wearing parts, but due to various reasons caused by abnormal damage of the engine to the generator, the good situation, because the AVR is damaged and can not power and eager to use electric case, we can use the temporary emergency measures, solve urgently needed by means of power disturbance.

(1) to cancel the AVR plate, only using F1, F2as temporary excitation input end; as in Figure

(2) with the aid of generator with battery, an excitation switch and 5W,5K rheostat, non operating state when the switch is in the off state, so, the engine reaches the rated speed to open the switch, voltage adjustment rheostat, the voltage setting around 420V; if the generator control panel is a voltage regulator regulator wiring modification, by temporarily as a stable voltage for.

(3) not all States are adopting the method of power supply, the objective existence must have the following conditions can meet the use requirements: A, load < 70%; B = 20%, load;

(4) this method should pay attention to the charger charging performance is good, if the charger can charge, plus a20A above the 24V transformer, the whole with storage battery in parallel, or the batteries quickly exhausted.


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