In 2011 Depth of Research and Prospect China Generator Industry

China’s diesel generator leasing market in last few years the development speed is very quick, 2010 to 2011 due to a lack of electricity influence, our country diesel generator leasing market is developing rapidly, due to a lack of electricity in electric shortage occurs, so some factories, enterprises of standby power supply becomes a necessary for the task, generating unit sales in this period of Time zoom, the manufacturers of the output demand.
Cause of diesel generator rental market continued strong reasons there are two main reasons. First, a lot of diesel generators for emergency power, as hospitals, banks, airports, communications and other industries of the standby power supply, which belongs to the intermittent oil equipment, so the increase in oil prices reflect less sensitive, small cross elasticity of demand. Therefore, this part of the market demand will temporarily by oil price increase effect. Secondly, in many applications, diesel generators lack of substitute products. Diesel generators as a removable power, making it difficult to be replaced in many fields, such as the marine electric, oil exploration and other needed to move the field operations, therefore diesel generating sets in the market has been widely used. When summer comes, the shortage of power supply of diesel generators, diesel generating units will get hot or. But at present, as the power supply tension relief, as well as our country for many years on the large water conservancy and hydropower construction, and rural small hydropower construction plus others such as wind power, nuclear power, thermal power plant for the establishment of insecurity of our country electric power to ease the situation, therefore, the overall sales of diesel generating units in 2005 half a year to alleviate somewhat, at the same time, the fuel price increases to a certain extent restricts the diesel generator set market development. But the present situation demand is very big still, some hospitals, banks, airports, outdoor workplaces will be as necessary for emergency diesel generator.
At present, our country diesel generator set market of high school low-end market, in the high-end market is mainly in foreign generating units and supporting the import of spare parts mainly, in the end the market mainly in foreign parts, foreign brands in the domestic main assembly; in the low end of the market are generally for domestic products and accessories, such as Weichai diesel and diesel generating sets, which have their exports, foreign brands and the original and in the domestic assembly of diesel generator set market so as to occupy the market share from 70%-80%. In 2010, diesel generating units and imports totaled US $1032026500, 20.2% less than 05 years earlier, the diesel generator set ( $280000000). The year 2011, diesel generating units (including wind power generators and spare parts import ); $1419000000 (39.82%): diesel generating units (including wind turbine ) and imported $1868000000 ( 35.15%), diesel generating units (including wind turbine parts imported $192000000 ) ( 96.65%). A trade surplus of US $819000000.
Because of the power grid construction serious lag, line, transformer overload occurs, many area” electric not to” structural shortage situation. The Yangtze River Delta region of diesel generating units mainly imported from the United States and the European market, occupy 75% of the total number of imports; the Will letter – Rolls-Royce, MTU, Peter Jones, Volvo penta has the majority share of imports. On the whole, our country in imports of diesel generating units in the market, a high end product occupies the vast majority of market share, while the lower end product imports is very few, mainly because of our native products mainly in low-end products, thus its import demand is not big, but the main demand in the high end of the market.
According to China’s 2010-2011 years ago three quarter power pile up in excess of requirement of the market situation, in 2011 the diesel generator market demand by 2011 years of building policy supporting effect, than in 2010 increased growth, but growth is slower. In 2010 experienced transport during the Spring Festival period inSouth Chinasnow disaster weather after the rain, we expect our diesel generating units in the next two or three years will be increased in a certain extent, but not always depressed. Therefore, we in the long run, diesel generating units because of its irreplaceable has good development prospect.

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