Installation Diesel Generating Sets Need to Pay Attention to Six Points


Diesel generating sets in the installation need to pay attention to six points
1.Diesel generator installation location need good ventilation, the generator should have enough air inlet end, diesel engine should have good air outlet. The air outlet area should be more than1.5 times the area above the water tank.
2.The installation area should be kept clean, avoid placed in proximity can produce acidic, alkaline corrosive gases and vapors. Conditional disposition fire extinguishing device.
3.Diesel generator for indoor use, must be conducting outdoor exhaust pipes, pipe diameter must be ≥muffler outlet smoke tube diameter, connected with the pipeline of the elbow is not more than 3, to ensure that the exhaust flow, and should the tube downwardly inclined5-10degree, avoid water injection; if the exhaust pipe installed vertically, then must be equipped with rain cover.
4.The foundation of the concrete, at the time of installation to be used to measure the level of the level ruler, the unit is fixed on the level based on. Diesel generator unit and foundation have special shock-proof pad or the foot bolt.
5.Unit housing must have reliable protection grounding, against the need for neutral grounding of generator, it must be carried on by the professional personnel of neutral grounding and lightning protection device, configuration, it is strictly prohibited to use city electricity earthing device for neutral grounding.
6.Diesel generator and electric switch must be very reliable, to prevent the reverse power transmission. Bidirectional switch wiring reliability through a local power supply department approved the test.


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