What is 1-3KW AVR?

 1-3KW Generator AVR is part of AC generator excitation system, connect host stator winding and excitation winding , to provide precision output voltage of the closed-loop control, according to sampling the voltage control output the current excitation system, motor load bunch of degrees, power factor compensation will output voltage In a certain range of control. High precision, which can adjust the waveform distortion is small, protection function perfect etc. It can be widely used in all kinds of function and grade of 50/60 HZ AC brushless and Brush generators.

Operating Condition
1. Operating TemperatureRange: (-20-80)℃
2. StorageTemperatureRange: (-40-100)℃
3. Factory set: 25℃±5℃
Electric Index
1. Voltage: 230±2V
2.VoltageSteadyRange: ±1V
3. Starting Excitation Voltage: ≥1.5V
4. Loading Capacity: With 110% loading, the regulator can work normally.
5. Output Voltage Steady on hot and cool condition ≤2V
6. Temperature float on Output Voltage≤2V

1-3KW Generator AVR Application:

Generator Trademark Generator Type
HONDA EP1800 EP2500
KAWASAKI GE1400 GE2200 GA2300 GA2900
SUZUKI SV1400L SV1400LD SV2200L SV2200LD
ELEPAQ PH1800 PH2600

1-3KW Generator AVR Instalation Diagram:

1-3KW Generator AVR Photos:

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