AVR AS480 For Stamford Alternators

 AS480 Automatic Voltage Regulator
AS480 Automatic Voltage Regulator
 is use for 50-500kw ,brushless diesel generator compatible withstamford products. This AVR is specifically designed to fit into and work with the P0 &P1 generator, it is the only AVR that fits into the terminal box and is capable of working with the optional Excitation Boost System (EBS). The following ‘jumper’ connections on the AVR should be checked to ensure they are correctly set for the generating set application.
Control      Function                          Direction
VOLTS        Generator output voltage setting  Clockwise raises voltage
STABILTY     Output voltage stability          Clockwise increases stabilization effect DROOP        Voltage droop for paralleling     Clockwise increases drooping effect UFRO         Under-frequency ‘Knee’ point      Clockwise decreases ‘Knee’ point
Refer to the Generator Wiring Diagrams for all Connection detail
Main Stator Powered AVR
The main stator provides power for excitation of the exciter field via the SX480 AVR which is the controlling device governing the level of excitation provided to the exciter field. The AVR responds to a voltage-sensing signal derived from the main stator winding. By controlling the low power of the exciter field, control of the high power requirement of the main field is achieved through the rectified output of the exciter armature. The AVR senses average voltage on two phases ensuring close regulation. In addition it detects engine speed and provides voltage fall off with speed, below a pre-selected speed (Hz) setting, preventing over-excitation at low engine speeds and softening the effect of load switching to relieve the burden on the engine. The detailed function of the AVR circuits and their adjustment are covered in the load testing section.
Optional excitation Boost system (EBS)
The EBS is a single, self-contained unit, attached to the non-drive end of the generator. The EBS unit consists of the Excitation Boost Controller (EBC) and an Excitation Boost Generator (EBG). Under fault conditions, or when the generator is subjected to a large impact load such as a motor stating, the generator voltage will drop. The EBC senses the drop in voltage and engages the output power of the EBG. This additional power feeds the generator’s excitation system, supporting the load until breaker discrimination can remove the fault or enable the generator to up a motor and drive the voltage recovery.

AS480 Automatic Voltage Regulator Product Detail:

Place Of Origin Taizhou,China
Brand Name YAMADA
Brand Stamford
Model Number AS480
Type Brushless
Phase 1
Self excited Yes
Alternator Power 50–500KW
AVR Can Material PP,ABS,ROHS
Package 50pcs per carton
Individual box Packing Yes, We could print customer’s logo
Produce Ability 3000pieces per day
Certification CE,ROHS
Minimum Order   Quantity 2PCS
Delivery Time 5-25days
Payment Term Wire Transfer(TT),Western Union,   Paypal, LC at sight
Samples Charge
Samples Ship Cost Customer pay, If you have courier No.(UPS,DHL,TNT),Please   send it to us.
LoadingPort Ningbo,Shanghai,  Guangzhou
Harmonized System Code(HS) 8503009090
OEM Manufacture Service Yes

AS480 Automatic Voltage Regulator  Technical specification

Voltage:95-132V   ac
190 -240V ac
Frequency   :50/60 Hz nominal
Voltage: Max   90V dc at 207V ac input
Current: continuous   4A dc
Intermittent 6A   for 10 secondes
Resistance 15   ohms minimum
REGULATION: +/-   1%

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