EF6600 Connecting Rod Assembly


EF6600 Connecting Rod Assembly
Connecting rod is connected with connecting rod mechanism of the driving and driven members hinged to transfer motion and force of the rod. For example, in a reciprocating piston power machine and a compressor, by connecting rod connected to the piston and crank. Connecting rod of steel, aluminum alloy parts, the main part of the cross section is circular or I-shaped, at both ends of a hole, hole with bronze bushings or needle roller bearings, a shaft pin and form a hinge for. The connecting rod is the automobile, ships, generators, motorcycles and other important parts of the engine, it is connected to the piston and crankshaft, whose effect is that the piston reciprocating motion into rotating movement of the crankshaft, and the effect on the piston to the crankshaft to a power output power. The connecting rod in the work, in addition to withstand combustion chamber gas pressure, but also bear the vertical and horizontal inertial force. Therefore, the connecting rod in a complex stress condition. It is not only by the alternating tensile and compressive stress, bending stress.
Connecting rod bearing force effect is that the piston to the crankshaft, and the reciprocating motion into rotating movement of the crankshaft. The connecting rod by a connecting rod, connecting rod cap, connecting rod bolts and the connecting rod bush and other parts, connecting rod and connecting rod cap is divided into the small head of the connecting rod, the rod and the connecting rod. The small head of the connecting rod is used to install the piston pin, to connect the piston. Rod body, usually made of” work” or” H” shaped cross section, in order to meet the requirements for strength and rigidity is reduced under the condition of quality. Connecting rod and crankshaft connecting rod neck. Generally as a separate type, and the rod body cut half called connecting rod cover, two connecting rod bolt are connected into a whole by.

EF6600 Connecting Rod Assembly Detail:

Place Of Origin Taizhou,China
Brand Name YAMADA
Model Number YA-CR-EF6600
Type MZ360
Phase 1
Generator Power 5.5KVA
C.ROD Material Aluminium Alloy
Package 50pcs per carton
Individual box Packing Yes, We could print customer’s logo
Produce Ability 30000pieces per day
Certification CE,ROHS
Minimum Order Quantity 100PCS,We accept retail service
Delivery Time 5-25days
Payment Term Wire Transfer(TT),Western Union, Paypal, LC at sight
Samples free
Samples Ship Cost Customer pay, If you have courier No.(UPS,DHL,TNT),Please send it to us.
Loading Port Ningbo ,Shanghai, Guangzhou
Harmonized System Code(HS) 8503009090
OEM Manufacture Service Yes

EF6600 Connecting Rod Assembly Application:

Generator Trademark Generator Type

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