AVR SX440 For Stamford Alternators

SX440 Alternator Automatic Voltage Regulator
SX440 Automatic Voltage Regulator is a half-wave phase-controlled thyristor type AVR and forms part of the excitation system for a brush-less generator. In addition to regulating the generator voltage, the AVR circuitry includes under-speed and sensing loss protection features. Excitation power is derived directly from the generator terminals. Positive voltage  build up from residual levels is ensured by the use of efficient semiconductors in the power circuitry of the AVR.The AVR is linked with the main stator windings and the exciter field windings to provide closed loop control of the output voltage with load regulation of +/-1.0%.In addition to being powered from the main stator, the AVR also derives a sample voltage from the output windings for voltage control purposes. In response to this sample voltage ,the AVR controls the power fed to the machine output voltage within the specified limits, compensating for load, speed ,temperature and power factor of the generator. A frequency measuring circuit continually monitors the generator output and provides output under-speed protection of the excitation system, by reducing the output voltage proportionally with speed below a pre-settable threshold. A manual adjustment is provided for factory setting of the under frequency roll off point.(UFRO).This can easily be changed to 50 or 60 Hz in the field by push on link selection. Provision is made for the connection of a remote voltage trimmer, allowing the user fine control of the generator’s output. An analogue input is provided allowing connection to a Newage Power Factor controller or other external devices
with compatible output. The AVR has the facility for droop CT connection ,to allow parallel running with other similarly equipped generators.

SX440 Automatic Voltage Regulator Product Detail

Place Of Origin Taizhou China
Brand Name YAMADA
Brand Stamford
Model Number SX440
Type Brushless
Phase 1
Self excited Yes
Alternator Power <150KW
AVR Can Material PP,ABS,ROHS
Package 50pcs per carton
Individual box Packing Yes, We could print customer’s logo
Produce Ability 3000pieces per day
Certification CE,ROHS
Minimum Order Quantity 2PCS
Delivery Time 5-25days
Payment Term Wire Transfer(TT),Western Union, Paypal, LC at sight
Samples Charge
Samples Ship Cost Customer pay, If you have courier No.(UPS,DHL,TNT),Please send it to us.
Loading Port Ningbo ,Shanghai, Guangzhou
Harmonized System Code(HS) 8503009090
OEM Manufacture Service Yes

SX440 Automatic Voltage Regulator Technical specification

 Voltage: 190-264Vac     Frequency: 50-60Hz norminal     Phase:1     Wire:2OUTPUT:     Voltage: max 90V dc at 270V ac input    Current : continuous 4A dc
             Intermittent 6A for 10 secs
     Resistance: 15 ohms minimum
REGULATION:  +/-1%(see note 1)
THERMAL DRIFT:0.04% per deg. C change in AVR ambient(note 2)
   AVR response          20ms
   Filed current to 90%  60ms
   Machine Volts to 97%  300ms
EXTERNAL VOLTAGE ADJUSTMENT:+/- 10% with 1 k ohm 1 watt trimmer(see note 3)
  Set point 95%Hz(see note 4) 
Slope     170% down to 30Hz
Maximum input +/-5v dc(see note 5)
 Sensilivity  1v for 5% Generator Volts(adjustable)
Input resistance 1k ohm
Max.sensilivity:0.07A for 5% droop 0PF
Vibration:  20-100Hz  50mm/sec
            100Hz 2kHz  3.3g
Operating temperature: -40 to +70C
Relative Humidity:0-70C 95%(see note6)
Storage temperature:-55 to +80C
1.With 4% engine governing
2.After 10minutes
3.Applies to mod status S onwards. Generator de-rate may apply.Check with factory
4.Factory set, semi-sealed, jumper selectable.
5.Any deviceconnected to the analogue input must be fully floating (galvanically isolated from ground),with an insulation strength of 500V ac.
6.Non condensing.

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