1000W Electric Bicycle Controller

12 MOS Feet  Blushless DC motor controller
Model:WZK-3625B,WZK-4825B,WZK-4830B, WZK-6025B,WZK-7230B
Spec Variety:DC36V,450W  DC48V,450W   DC48V,500W  DC60V,600W  DC60V,800W  DC72V,800W
Technical parameter:
Voltage: DC36V, DC48V, DC60V, DC72V
Under-voltage protection: DC31.5V, DC41.5V, DC52V,DC63V
Current limit: ≤35A
Speed adjustable range: from”0″to “100” percent
Efficiency:≥83 percent
Rate power consume:<1.5W
12 MOS Feet  Blushless DC motor controller
Function&Trait:With 6 MOS Feet controller’s all function,superior performance and reliability.
Product size:175mm×87mm×45mm
1) Mute when start: Super low noise in driving,reduce vibration of the motor,extended motor life.
2)Speed limit: The speed can be control  in any numerical which you set when running.
3) Undervoltage protection: When the batteries voltage dropping to the rate voltage’s 87.5 percent, the controller can stop working to protecting the battery.
4) Meter match: The controller can connect with all kinds of electric bicycle string show meter,parallel show meter,in total of plus-minus light.
5) Low fever: Use synchronous rectification technical,reduce the controller’s thermosteresis,enhance energy efficiency.
6)Temperature protection: When the controller achieve a certain temperature,it will cutting off the power output through its temperature detection module.
7) Avoid out of control: When the throttle or line out of order, the controller can prevent bicycle out of control
8)Short circuit protection: Running short circuit protect to prevent controller broken when start.
9) Current limit protection: Not only have average current but also peak current, protect MOS maximum.
10)Blockage protection: The motor plugging turn 2 seconds(time can be set),the controller protect itself automatic to prevent broken.
11)Power cut brake: Suitable for mechanical brake handle and hall brake handle,use high level and low level.
12)MSCOMM(SPCOMM): Use for deploy function module and system parameters.13)Self learning: Smart distinguish phase angel and phase line connection.
14)1:1 pedal assist function:  According the driver’s pedal force to give the same proportion of motor power,assist power to the driver when he driving,let the drivers become easy.
15)Cruise function: With manual and automatic two type. Stop turning the throttle 8 seconds(the time can be set) when running,the controller into cruise mode,running without throttle control.
16)E-ABS brake: Flexible E-ABS regenerative braking,braking fastly,as comfortable with the car ABS.
17)Taxiing power: When slide will be part of kinetic energy into electricity stored in a battery.
18)Prevent theft: Can connect burglar alarm to make alarms alarm and locked motor.
19)Three speed function:  Has three speed switch change,circulation three speed change,and overspeed function.
20)Speech function: When malfunction happened and state change all can voice remind.
21)Speed display: Hall plus-minus phase line speed indicator.
Other fuction can be designed according to the clients.
12 MOS Feet  Blushless DC motor controller
Applicable: electric bicycle,electric scooter,electric pedelec,mini tricycle,children vehicle,ATV,golf car etc.
We supply Customer’s special requirements service.


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