72V 20AH Electric Bicycle Charger

72V 20AH Electric Bicycle Charger
Technical index:
Battery type: and colloidal lead-acid batteries
Power supply:180V-240V/50Hz
For the battery voltage:72V
Output voltage:72V
Output current:1.8A ,2.5A ,3.0A
The main function is as follows:
1)CPU smart fan cooling, can work continuously.
2)having a polarity protection, reverse connection protection, short circuit protection function ( overcurrent , overvoltage protection ).
3)full automatic turn to floating charge, safe and reliable.
4) the product compact and lightweight, easy to use.
The product can be widely used in machinery and equipment, emergency lights, medical equipment, electric tools, electric scooters, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, car battery, electric tricycle, UPS power lead-acid batteries and colloidal battery as power products battery charging.
Performance characteristics:
1.three stage charging mode of constant current, constant voltage float,
2.safety design, safety in power supply based on the specification, a short circuit, overcurrent , polar misconnection all-around protection, automatic monitoring, charging current conversion mode, the use of more security.
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