2000W Electric Bicycle Controller

18 MOS Feet Brushless Motor Controller
Model:WZK-4840B   WZK-4850B   WZK-6040B   WZK-6045B   WZK-7245B
Specification:48V:1000W 1500W  60V:1000W 1500W  72V: 1500W  72V 2000W
18 MOS Feet Brushless Motor Controller
1.voltage: DC48V    DC60V   DC72V
2. low-voltage protection :  DC41.5V   DC52V  DC63V
3.speed regulation: 0-100%
4.work efficiency:≥83%
6.power dissipation:<1.5W
Size:L:24.7CM  W:9.9CM  H:4.4CM
Weight:0.85KG per set
Package: Each packed in plastic bag, then in cartons. A carton package 50 products, with the total weight of 43.5KG.  the package decide by product’s amount.
Wire: Power wire: red +, black -, purple: electric door lock.
Motor phase: green, yellow, blue
Throttle: red +5V, green, black – .
Hall: red +,black -,yellow, green, blue
Note: the power wire red, black and the phase wire green, yellow, blue is 4.0mm²square, the other is 0.3mm²square. If customer has other requires with the wire’s color and square, according to the customer.
Brake wire: 0.3mm²; color: according to the customer, use white usually.
Appearance: 0.3mm²; color: according to the customer, use green usually.
Length: According to the customer, 15CM out of controller usually.
Function: The other function, we’ll develop according to the customer.
18 MOS Feet Brushless Motor Controller
Applicable: electric bicycle, electric scooter, electric pedelec, tricycle, children vehicle, ATV, golf car etc.
We supply Customer’s special requirements service.

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