350W Electric Bicycle Controller

350W Electric Bicycle Controller
Electric vehicle controller is used to control the electric motor start, run, advance and retreat, speed, stop and electric car other electronic devices is the core control device, it is like electric brain, is important component of electric vehicle. Electric car currently consists of electric bicycles, electric two wheel motorcycle, electric tricycle, electric tricycle, electric vehicle with four wheels, car batteries, electric vehicle controller because of the different models have different properties and characteristics.
Electric vehicle controller main features are as follows:
Electric Bicycle Controller super mute design technology:
Unique current control algorithm, can be applied to any of a brushless electric motor vehicles, and has considerable control effect, improves the electric vehicle controller universal adaptability, so that the electric motor and controller no longer need to match. Constant current control technique: electric vehicle controller locked rotor current and dynamic operating current completely consistent, ensure that the battery life, and improves the motor starting torque. Automatic identification of motor system : automatic identification of electric vehicle motor commutation angle and motor output phase, Holzer phase, as long as the controller of the power line, turn off line and brake line is not wrong, can automatically identify motor input and output mode, can save a brushless motor for electric vehicle wiring trouble, greatly reduces the electric vehicle controller requirements for the use of. Servo system ABS: with reverse charging / car EABS brake function, introduced the EABS technology of automobile anti-lock brakes, reached EABS mute, soft effects, at any speed that the brake comfort and stability, does not appear in the original ABS in low speed situation brake not brake phenomenon, completely injury to motor, reduce the mechanical braking force and a mechanical brake pressure, reduce the brake noise, greatly increased the vehicle braking safety; and the brake, decelerating or coasting downhill when the EABS produces the energy back to the battery, to reverse charging effect, thus the battery maintenance, battery life, increase continuation line mileage, the user can according to their own riding habit of self-regulating EABS brake depth. Motor lock system: in the state of alert, an alarm when the motor controller will automatically lock controller, almost no power consumption, no special requirements on the motor, the battery under-voltage or other abnormal circumstances without any influence on the normal implementation of electric vehicle.
Electric Bicycle Controller self-checking function:
The dynamic and static self-test self-test, controller just in the state of electricity, will automatically detect related interface state, such as a rotating handle, lever or other external switch and so on, once failure occurs, the controller automatically carry out protection, fully ensure riding safety, when after removing the failure controller protection state can be automatically restored. Reverse charging function: brake, decelerating or coasting downhill when the EABS produces the energy back to the battery, to reverse charging effect, thus the battery maintenance, battery life, increase the mileage. Locked rotor protection functions: automatic judging whether the motor during overcurrent are completely blocked state or running state or motor short circuit condition, if the flow is in a running condition, the controller will limit values set at a fixed value, in order to maintain the vehicle ‘s driving ability; such as a motor in the pure locked-rotor state, the controller2seconds after limiting values below 10A, to protect the motor and battery, electric energy can be saved; if the motor is under the short circuit state, the controller causes the output current to control under 2A, to ensure the controller and the battery safety. Dynamic and static phase protection: refers to the operating condition of the motor, electric vehicle motor phase interruption of any one phase fault protection, controller, avoid motor burned, while protecting the electric vehicle batteries, prolongs the service life of the battery. Power tube dynamic protection function: controller in dynamic, real-time monitoring of the power tube work, once the power tube damage, the controller to carry out the protection to prevent the chain reaction, due to damage the other power tube, appear cart effort phenomenon. Anti speed function: solve the brushless electric vehicle controller due to the or circuit fault caused by runaway phenomenon, improves the system safety. 1+1 power function: the user can adjust the self to power or reverse power, achieved in the riding with power, allowing riders to feel more relaxed. Cruise function: automatic / manual cruise function integration, users can choose according to need,8 seconds into the cruising speed, stability, without a handle control. Mode switching function: the user can switch electric mode or a power mode. Anti theft alarm function: mute design, introduced the concept of automobile remote control anti-theft, anti-theft higher stability, in the state of alarm can lock motor alarm horn sound, as high as 125dB, with a strong deterrent force. And with self learning function, remote control distance up to 150 metres there will be error code generation. Reversing function: the controller increases the reversing function, when the user is in a normal riding, reversing function failure; when the user when parking, reversing the function keys can be pressed, auxiliary backing, and the backing velocity maximum not exceeding 10km/h. The remote control function: the use of advanced remote control technology, up to 256of the encryption algorithm, encryption sensitivity adjustable, better performance, and no weight code phenomenon, which greatly improves the stability of the system, and a self-learning function, remote control distance up to 150 metres there will be error code generation. High speed control: using the latest for motor control for the design of the single chip microcomputer, to join the new BLDC control algorithm, suitable for less than 6000rpm high speed, middling speed or low speed motor control. Motor phase:60degrees 120 degrees motor automatically compatible, either60 degrees or 120 degrees electric motor, can be compatible with, do not need to modify any settings.
Electric Bicycle Controller technical parameters:
1) the phase angle:120degrees or 60 degrees automatic recognition.
2) speed regulating handle voltage:1.2V-4.2V, low voltage corresponding to low speed, high voltage high speed.
3) the braking power: high, low level, low level of optional battery negative brake; high level must be greater than10V effective. 350W above is a high level brake.
4) rated voltage: 36V/48V
5) rated power: 250W-350W-450W-500W
6) ambient temperature -40degrees -70 degrees
7) species:6 tubes,9 tubes,12tube.
8)limiting the set value: divided into12A/14A/16A/20A/25A specifications, can also be based on customer demand.
9) other features are: limit function,1+1booster
Electric Bicycle Controller applicable:
electric bicycle,electric scooter,electric pedelec,mini tricycle, children vehicle,ATV,golf car etc.
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